Roofing Work

Roof Shingle Replacement

These old roof shingles were removed by Harrison Contracting and replaced with a 25-year algae-resistant Atlas Weatherwood shingle.

Harrison Contracting replaced the old shingles with a 25-year shingle for the cost of a 20-year shingle to give the customer more longevity and value for their money.

Torch-Down Roof Replacement

Harrison Contracting used a torch-down/ Bitumen process with a torchdown material that matched the existing roof for this San Antonio roof replacement.

Roof Shingle Replacement

These 20-year 3-tab shingles were worn out.

Harrison Contracting replaced them and upgraded to a 50-year, 3-dimensional shingle and added ridge vents for attic ventilation and cooling.

Attic Ventilation

Good attic ventilation from ridge vents and lighter colors help provide cooler attic spaces.

Metal Roof Installation

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